Filming locations

In November of 1978, filming began on the the first five episodes of The Dukes of Hazzard in Oxnard, Loganville, Social Circle, Conyers, Covington and Atlanta, GA.

These first five episodes feature a noticeably different tone from the rest of the series, including some more adult-oriented humor, with some raunchier elements and slightly coarser language.

After completing production on the fifth episode, executives at Warner Brothers were impressed by the completed episodes and saw potential in developing the show into a full-running series.

Filming moved to the Warner Brothers Burbank Studios in Burbank, California and to Walt Disney’s Golden Oak Ranch in Newhall, California. This move simplified production, as well as developing a larger workshop to construct and service the large number of vehicles the series would go through.

The Pilot

This is the first time we see the General Lee make one of its many jumps. This scene takes place over the railroad tracks near the Covington, Georgia town square. Today, the railroad tracks have been taken up and replaced with a rail trail. The buildings in the background are also gone, replaced with a parking deck and greenspace. This scene is also used in the opening credits, beginning with the second episode of season one.

Location: 1158 Elm Street, Covington, Georgia 30014

  • Location: 1780 Alcovy Trestle Road, Social Circle, Georgia 30025
  • Location: 290 Flat Rock Road, Oxford, Georgia 30054
  • The Boars Nest is the local hangout for many of Hazzard County’s working class folks. Daisy Duke, is a waitress there and the boys stop by to grab a brew and catch up with the locals. The building is still there today, but it’s now the Deliverance Christian Tabernacle.

    Location: 290 Flat Rock Road, Oxford, Georgia 30054

  • Once the Duke boys, Cooter, and their gang figure out where the truck transporting the slot machines is headed, they get Daisy in a skimpy bikini to flag down the truck at the Hazzard County line. She pretends her car is broken down in order to get the driver to stop. She was pretending that she was looking for the beach. This was filmed at Rosebud Rd near Loganville. In 2008 construction made the road twice as wide.

    Location: 4198 Rosebud Road SW, Loganville, Georgia 30052

  • Bo drops by the Sheridan Orphans Home to drop off the first bag of loot from the slot machines. Since Boss Hogg has threatened to shut down the home in order to build a shopping center, the Duke boys use the proceeds from the illegal slot machines to help Jill Dodson keep the home running. The home, known as the Zachary – Echols House, was built in 1854 and is still standing today.

    Location: 5160 Echols Street NW, Covington, Georgia 30014

  • The Sheriff’s Office and jail has been torn town in 2003. A Georgia Federal Credit Union building has been build in it’s place.

    Location: 1381 Milstead Avenue NE, Conyers, Georgia 30012

  • While outrunning the deputies, the Duke boys use a dirt pile as a ramp to jump over Sheriff Coltrane’s police cruiser and make their getaway. The jump was performed on the campus of Oxford University on a Saturday in order to evade a crowd of students. The jump measured a distance of 81 feet and launched the General Lee 16 feet into the air. This jump is also seen in opening credits, beginning with episode two of season one.

    Location: Language Hall, Oxford College, Oxford, Georgia 30054

  • The Duke boys are flying high as they soar across the sky in front of Seney Hall at Oxford College. The road in front of the hall was closed in 2013 and converted into a brick walkway. Other than that, Seney Hall looks much the same as it did back in late 1978.

    Location: Seney Hall, Oxford College, Oxford, Georgia 30054

  • The General Lee finally lands near Seney Hall after jumping over Rosco’s patrol car. Hopkins Hall is in the background.

    Location: Between Seney Hall and Hopkins Hall, Oxford College, Oxford, Georgia 30054

  • Sheriff Coltrane is in hot pursuit of the Duke boys as they go to the orphanage.

    The intersection of Elm and Williams Streets, Covington, Georgia 30014

  • The General Lee makes a sharp right turn on Herring Street and makes a beeline for the orphanage.

    Location: Intersection of Emory Street and Herring Street, Covington, Georgia 30014